About Us

Upon isolation from parent company, On the Foundation of Prior Experience We Started The BAUSCH in Early Eighties but Officially It Instigated in 1995, Being Comprised on Team of Well skilled professionals It Started Working as Manufacturer Company Providing the Goods to Local Market for Sale in International Market, with the help of Young Blood and the Team of experts & proficient Members.

BAUSCH Team with the Uphold of Modern Technologies and Latest Machines is extremely skilled in careful & precise Manufacturing, and supply of Approximately 3,000 Different Instruments Wrapping vast range, including Manicure, Pedicure, Surgical, Dental , Eye , Orthopedic instruments, Serrated Super cut scissors, TC tipped thus guaranteeing permanent serrations and cutting edges.

BAUSCH is Known for creations, manufacturing and supplies of Supreme quality products with a Very Long Usage Life From All Aspects, complying with Numerous International standards Like ISO-9002, CE Mark for European Quality standers, and FDA’s cGMP , Thus maintaining a well-developed quality system at it's facility in Sialkot. “and above all being the foundational Manufacturers our prices are worth too & very Competitive." Further we also Provide our full services for custom-made instruments of any sort.

BAUSCH manufactured instruments surpass many aspects, by virtue of indigenous design, selection of high quality raw material and optimized state to the Art and very much indigenous manufacturing process which enables to pass BEST QUALITY product and sharp services.

BAUSCH understand the importance of the fact that our instruments are intended for use on patients. We are driven by a clinical need and not aesthetic trends. Our instruments have been developed over decades by working with clinicians in all areas of surgery to ensure that, above all else, our instruments perform as they should, time and time again. This has produced the high specifications and tolerances we maintain as standard.

BAUSCH instruments are “hand tools” it is vital to meet the needs of the user as well as the patient. The vast ranges that we produce have been continually improved and evolved to provide a tool for the trade for virtually any practitioner.

Meticulous product inspection ensures the very highest level of quality control throughout our production and finishing processes.  Our lifetime guarantee on our reusable instruments is our commitment of quality to our customers around the world

Right from top to Bottom BAUSCH Works with Professionals, from logistics and accounting departments to the management team and the other employees. The company reaches its customers through extensive direct marketing and by providing them preeminent services.





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